Trustfence unpack failure

Hi all

I tried to include the trustfence for Yocto.

I get errors at “Set up secure boot” at the first step.

Error: trustfence-cst-native-3.1.0-r0 do_unpack: Unpack failure for URL: ‘file://cst-3.1.0.tgz’.

  • I downloaded cst-3.1.0.tgz from NXP website and copied into:
  • /ccimx6ulsbc/downloads # that’s the project download folder, like described in the DIGI sites.
  • usr/local/dey-2.6/meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/recipes-bsp/trustfence-cst/trustfence-cst # to try

bitbake always throw this error above.

What is the problem ?


can you try to manually unpack it with tar xvfz cst-3.1.0.tgz -do you see any errors?


tar: This does not look like a tar archive

I spent half a day for this issue:
cst-3-1-0.tgz from NXP website is double-zipped!


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Did you resolve this ?
If you resolve this please let me know how did you achieve it?
Me too facing same issue.