Trustfence build fails - trustfence-cst-native-2.3.3 NOT found.

Build (‘bitbake core-image-base’ on a ‘ccimx6ulsbc’ workspace) fails with:

“ERROR: trustfence-cst-native-2.3.3-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find file file://cst-2.3.3.tar.gz anywhere”

NXP’s official version is now v/3.1.0 - How do I fix this ?

The problem with this is NXP released a new version that we do not support yet and removed the old version from all the servers.

Thanks for your answer.
I’m still unsure what the procedure is, though.
I can access alright, but the location of the official CST at is 3.1.0… and DEY-2.4 it won’t compile with the 3.1.0…

I tried doing a update of the repos as you suggested (repo sync -j8 --no-repo-verify), but to no avail. The documentation suggest that the build should use ‘the latest’ version of the CST (if you do not force it to another version in the conf/local.conf file with the ‘PREFERRED_VERSION_trustfence-cst-native’ param)… but I cant seem to get this to work.

please open a support case, reference this forum topic and ask it to be assigned to me.


Is there any date when support for new cst will be available ?


You can ask for the 2.3.3 version by opening a Service Ticket on the NXP site.


You canask the version 2.3.3 to NXP. Open a ticket. They get back to you in a few hours.