"WR11 XT" lock when ETH connected to Gbit int.


We have a bunch of wr41/wr21 and they are very stable.
Just got our first WR11 XT and I’m experience a strange issue.
When connecting to a 1000Mbit port the router seems to lock up completely.
I’ve seen this several times and the only way out is to cut the power.
I know the port is only 100Mbit but router should not freeze.
Firmware is (Jan 25 2018 17:13:09) and I can’t find ether newer or older.
I guess it is not the same as WR11?


The WR11XT is the same as WR11.

Main diffrence is the Case is metal and not plastic.

does the WR!! work for a while then stop working?
do you have a lot of traffic on the network.



Can’t replicate issue after updating to