wr21 http pass through to fixed ip

I have a WR21 cellular. I have an IoT device connected to the Ethernet port on the WR21. I want to be able to dial into the WR21 celluar link from the internet and #pass-through-HTTP# requests directly through the WR21 to the ethernet port the device is connected to. This device does serve up webpages which need to pass back through the WR21. The WR21 is configured with a SIM card that has been setup with a fixed IP address to access the WR21, and currently I can access the WR21 WebUI from the internet.

How do I configure the WR21 to pass through HTTP requests to the device connected to one of its Ethernet ports so that device can serve web p[ages back to the requestor?

Thank you for your assistance!


you need to use port forwarding

setup port 80,80 to 80 ip of device

then when you go to the ip should get the iot device
if you want to manage the router goto ip port 8080 and you should get the router interface