WR44RR wifi antennas - primary/secondary

Transport Router WR44RR has got 2 Primary Wi-Fi (WLAN) Antenna Connector and Secondary Wi-Fi (WLAN) Antenna Connector.
Are these antennas the same from system (TCP/IP) point of view. Do we get the same DNS address from the both antennas? From the both antennas we get connection (one IP addressň only to one AP. I need to propagate wifi signal in train waggon what is dividede in 2 sections. These 2 sections are electromagnetical separate (iron wall). One antenna will be in 1 section and 2nd in the other.
Is this design useful?

The WR44RR has 4 antenna connections 2 for WiFi and 2 for cellular(wlan)
Both WiFi and WLAN use the primary connector for transmit and receive and the secondary connections is only used for receive

this would not work if you tried to use the antennas in different shielded areas