3G Aerial connection for WR-21 (and others?)


We have purchased around 550 Digi Transport WR-21s for our depots. We have placed each of these in a Comms cupboard and had external aerials cabled to the outside of the building.
We have obviously connected the external aerial to the “primary” aerial connection, but my question is, are there any advantages or disadvantages in connecting the small portable aerial to the secondary aerial link?
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You didn’t tell us which exact network technology this is, so for 3G: It is best to use TWO indentical antennas. If this is not feasible it is better to use just the Primary antenna.

4G LTE really needs two indentical antennas.

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Thanks very much for your answer.
It’s 3G we’re using.

Hi Elaar,

There are certainly no disadvantages in using both antenna points. In 3G/2G mode the second antenna is used for Antenna Diversity. You can read about that more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antenna_diversity

I believe our implementation is for receive diversity specifically (not 100% sure). As we all know reception can vary depending on where you are so a good idea if you are struggling with reception would be to try a second antenna or a higher gain antenna.

Bill is right in that if you have any 4G models you will need both antennas.


Nicholas Wilson