A couple of questions before the purchase an EX50

Is it possible to disable the onboard DHCP server and have the onboard WIFI obtain an ip from a LAN DHCP server?

Is it possible to run tailscale on the EX50 ?

Are both cellular antennas required to be connected?


Answers to your three questions:

  1. Yes.

  2. Not currently, this may be a feature in a future firmware release.

  3. Technically, no, but Digi certifies cellular devices with two antennas, so they are strongly recommended, and support may be limited if you’re using just one cellular antenna and facing cellular-related issues.

Thanks for the info.
Would 1 external and 3 connected to the Digi Ex50 be ok?
I received an ex50 today, but it was DOA. Would not power on.
No problem getting it RMAd

My previous comment was regarding most Digi devices that only have two antenna connectors, I forgot that the EX50 has four antenna connectors.

Digi recommends using all four antennas on the EX50.

Why are you wanting to use one external antenna?

the van has only one rooftop antenna

Your particular combination of cellular antennas could work, but the performance may not be optimal. It may be best to engage a company that specializes in cellular antennas and vehicle installations if you have reception and/or performance issues.

I’ll keep that in mind