how to setup my EX50

Hello. I am setting up my Digi EX50 router. I had pluged in a cellular sim card, which I want it to be the internet input. Is it necessary to plug in WAN with ethernet cable. I just want cellular data be my only internet option. And then I could find this wifi using other devices, but it doesn’t have internet. I also have access to the local web inference site at Is there any steps I missed to activate the sim card data? The status led light is blinking and white. Sorry, I am familiar with router configurations. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It is not necessary to plug a network cable into the WAN Ethernet port. If you were to do this, this port would be primary WAN and cellular would only be used if the primary (Ethernet) WAN was not working.

Note the Metrics values of WAN vs. WWAN in the link below. A lower Metric (e.g. 1 for Ethernet WAN) has a higher priority than a higher Metric (e.g. 3 for WWAN).

Find out from the SIM card provider / ISP what ‘APN’ or Access Point Name that SIM is setup to use. Then set that APN within the configuration of the EX50.

After adding the APN, enable the ‘APN list only’ setting just above. This will tell the EX50 to only/exclusively use that APN that you specified for the SIM that’s in the device.

Here’s documentation about using the EX50 as a wi-fi Access Point, if that is your goal: