Configure LR-54 as both WAN and two LANs

Hi everyone!

I am struggling to configure my LR-54 for my application. What I need is:

WAN - Cellular SIM 1 and SIM 2 + Eth1
LAN 1 - Eth1 + Eth2
LAN 2 - Eth3 + Eth4 + WIFI-AP1

Basically I have a server PC connected from Eth2 and Eth3 this server is a DHCP server for the LAN-2

The propose of LAN 1 is to provide the WAN connection to this server and this server controls the LAN 2.

The wi-fi connection and LAN 2 worked as expected but I was unable to get LAN1 connected to the internet using the WAN interfaces.

Any suggestion?

Hi Nicolas and welcome to Digi Forum!

Without seeing the actual configuration of the device, is a bit hard to help here. What I can see from your description is that you want to associate ETH1 port on both a LAN and a WAN interface and this is possibly the reason why is failing.

I would suggest to have a look at our userguide:|Ethernet%2520interfaces|_____0

And also be sure to have latest firmware on the unit:

Then, if you still need help, the best would be to write an email to and also check our support policies:

Please be sure to include the IMEI/SN in your request.

Best Regards,

Digi Technical support team