WAN interface not working

We have a number of Wr64 routers. WAN3/Cellular2 (slot 2-1) is in use along with LAN1 on Eth1 and Eth2. This connects to a private APN.

I am setting up a new LAN3 (LAN2 is reserved) using Eth3 and Eth4.
It will connect to the Internet.
I put a new SIM in slot 1-1 that is supposed to connect to VZWINTERNET.
It is WAN1/Cellular1.

I cannot get this interface to work. Show WAN 1 says it is down. I worked through the troubleshooting steps in the manual but got to the part where it says to call tech support.

Does anyone have advice for checking this interface and getting it to work?

Hi MTDuser,

The configuration you describe could be a complex one, especially since you’ve gone through our troubleshooting steps but were unable to resolve the issue by following that guidance.

That being the case, the topic you’ve posted on the forum would likely be too in-depth to go into further here, so contacting Digi Tech Support as the guidance suggested would be the best way for us to help you look into this further.

The best way to contact us would start with registration of your product at the link below, after which we can continue working with you by creation of a Tech Support case:


If possible, please provide detailed information about your use-case/configuration and the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken in your email into Tech Support, so we won’t re-do troubleshooting steps you’ve already performed while assisting you with getting to the bottom of this.