Digiwan WR21, service but no internet

Hello all,

I have a problem with a WR21, that is used for getting an internet connection onboard of a vessel.

The problem is that the device gives all green, for power,service,WWAN and signal 1 till 3
Signal strength excellent and signal quality good. but the device is not capable to ping the DNS server ( - and therefor no internet connection is available for the onboard PC.
the device has worked properly a couple of days ago, but the problem arose after our ICT department tried to make a back up sim card work on the system as well. the only major change that occurred when he was playing with is that he updated the Firmware to

some information:
the sim card used is a German Vodafone sim card, with APN web.vodofone.de with back up APN event.vodafone.de
the back up sim card is a Belgium Orange card with APN IEW.BE and back up APN Internet.be

the IP settings for the Device are the standard and subnet mask of

the IP range of the PC’s connected to it are and " 102. s
ubnet mask

The card is working fine In a mobile phone.

I downgraded the firmware to

PC operates on Windows 10

after updating firmware the security credentials are marked as not trusted, which maybe could be a problem for the PC, but when sending the command ping inside the WR21 nothing is received

I also got a message that in need to log in on the network, which I did not have before but that page will not load correctly, is it possible that this could be the issue?

anybody got a clue ?

I am far from a specialist in these matters, therefor my knowledge is a bit limited but if needed any more information, I will try to provide it

with kind regards Jesper

The firmware used on the

Hi and welcome to Digi Forums.

There could be a miss-configuration of the device depending if the backup SIM-card was configured with the DUALSIM wizard or some parameters that might needs tweaking.

To provide a full answer as well as a solution, we will need to see some logs of the devices.
I would suggest to get in touch directly with our support team at tech.support@digi.com to investigate the issue.
Please make sure to attach a debug.txt from the device: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/QN_024_Extracting%20the%20debug.txt%20file%20from%20a%20Digi%20TransPort%20or%20Sarian%20router.pdf

Thank you

Digi Technical Support Engineer