Web Access Denied

I did a firmware update on a wr21 from to
And lost the ability to log in remotely. It says Access Denied. Configuration disabled. I also cannot ping the cellular ip but I can still access the device I’m port forwarding to. HTTP server is still enabled. is very old firmware, from November 25, 2015. So maybe there was a firmware step that you needed to do, I do not recall.
Depending on the module that is in your WR21, it might not be supported with this new firmware.
In regards to logging in, Factory resetting the WR21 should bring back the default username and password in most situations.

Here is a link to a KBase article talking about the Digi Device Unique Passwords: Digi Device Unique Default Passwords

Note that the WR21 is a SAROS device, so in regards to the exceptions, please look at that.

Also, something else to try, connect to the device via the serial. You may need to use a USB to serial converter if your PC or laptop does not have a serial port.
Look in Device Manager to know what your serial port is on your laptop.

Use PuTTY, or similar, to connect to your WR21. It should be set with 115200, 8, 1, N, No Parity, No flow control. Note that your WR31 will not require the password via serial.
Enter the following commands:
user 1 name xxxxxx
user 1 password yyyyyy
config 0 save
(where xxxxxx is the name you are assigning and yyyyyy is the password)
Try logging in with your new credentials.