Can't access to setup

Hi, I have a new Digi WR21 modem, when I try to do setup by enter the default ‘username’ and ‘password’, it won’t allow me to login to setup and keep loop back to login page without error. Seem HTTPS vs HTTP issue, how can I fixed that? My PC is new Win10 machine, browser are updated.


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Hi and welcome to Digi Forum.

most recent HW models have a unique password printed on the label, so I would suggest to check and if you have, please try with that.
Also, depending on the firmware loaded into your WR21, the default username may be “admin” instead of username.

Then, if still issues, please try in an incognito mode and/or erasing the cache of the browser.

For any further help, please review our support options on our website:


Digi Technical Support Team