Digi Transport WR11 Default username and password not working

Good Afternoon,

I have 3 new Digi Transport WR11 devices that have been set up with cell carriers. However, when I connect the device to a PC via ethernet and pull up the Web Interface, the default username and password listed in the quick start guide do not work.

So far, I’ve tried factory reset, but It’s rather difficult to get to the button. Are there any other methods I can try?

Due to new California laws, every device must have a unique password. Look on the back of the WR11 and you should find the default password for that specific device.

Thanks mvut. To add on, the default username is admin. The quick start guide’s default credentials don’t apply anymore.

I have an WR11XT datecode 1816. I used paperclips to reset it. right now, I can only ssh with the ‘username’ and ‘password’ to get into it. I CANNOT login from the web page. It just stuck on the first-time login page. How can I change my password and get into the web pages? thanks

PS: I used FTP to update the firmware to the latest
boot loader V7.67