DIGI WR11 Default Username Password (2)

This question has been ‘answered’ before on this forum, but the answer didn’t help me so I’ll ask again.

Please provide the default username and password combination for a new Digi WR11 router. Or better still, documentation from the manufacturer that enables me to sign into a brand new device.

I’ve tried each of the following unsuccessfully. The long password was inside the card that shipped with the device in a sealed box.

According to the QR code base document, admin and the password on the sticker bottom of the router should work!@

username password
username PW1234567890
username default
admin default
admin password
admin PW1234567890

Hi there,

If it has the card in there, then it will be admin and the unique password (Capital letters and numbers).

Try using an incognito window or connecting via Telnet/SSH instead as I have seen issues with caching problems on the web interface. Once you have confirmed the user/pass combo then try the web interface again.

Nicholas Wilson
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router should be include a loose label with password.