WR54 cellular went down then up then down and so forth finally down

I’ve got a wierd behaviour from my WR54 (only one SIM module). For some reasons the cellular module goes down then up the down and finally goes down. I moved the sim card from sim1 to sim2. unfortunately it will behave the same way. Could someone explain why based on logs abstract down here.Also I don’t understand why IPV6 seems up.

Thank you

2020-05-06 11:07:54.104303 user.info call_manager1[1145]: CELLULAR_CONNECTION_STATUS_DISCONNECTED
2020-05-06 11:07:54.104377 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Cellular disconnect reason: generic-client-end
2020-05-06 11:07:54.104421 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Verbose cellular disconnect reason (3,2000): type = cm reason = client-end
2020-05-06 11:07:54.104458 user.info call_manager1[1145]: packet_service_status_indication_cb: service 1 reg 1 attch 1
2020-05-06 11:07:54.346784 user.info call_manager1[1145]: CELLULAR_CONNECTION_STATUS_DISCONNECTED
2020-05-06 11:07:54.346907 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Cellular disconnect reason: gsm-wcdma-regular-deactivation
2020-05-06 11:07:54.346976 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Verbose cellular disconnect reason (6,36): type = 3gpp reason = regular-deactivation
2020-05-06 11:07:54.347036 user.info call_manager1[1145]: packet_service_status_indication_cb: service 0 reg 1 attch 1
2020-05-06 11:07:54.733924 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Skipping setting SIM PIN since PIN is not required
2020-05-06 11:07:55.352271 user.info call_manager1[1145]: CELLULAR_CONNECTION_STATUS_CONNECTED
2020-05-06 11:07:55.768206 user.info call_manager1[1145]: CELLULAR_CONNECTION_STATUS_CONNECTED
2020-05-06 11:07:55.832095 user.info call_manager1[1145]: IPv4 Settings:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.832162 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Address:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.832206 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Gateway:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.832248 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Netmask:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.832289 user.info call_manager1[1145]: DNS #1:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.896073 user.info call_manager1[1145]: IPv6 Settings:
2020-05-06 11:07:55.896150 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Address: 2a01:cb06:a008:a4cc:d1c5:e09b:dc2c:f2f4/64
2020-05-06 11:07:55.896204 user.info call_manager1[1145]: Gateway: 2a01:cb06:a008:a4cc:c1a9:e001:a7af:8ab3/64
2020-05-06 11:07:55.896259 user.info call_manager1[1145]: DNS #1: 2a01:cd00:7fff:0:192:168:10:110/0
2020-05-06 11:07:56.093956 user.info call_manager1: #RFSTS: “208 01”,1300,-95,-67,-9,3922,1,19,0,19,2,0E63C07,“208012703187803”,“Orange F”,3,3
2020-05-06 11:08:00.121263 user.warning addhealthmetric: Recording latency for cellular1-sim2 failed as interface went down

Hi and welcome to Digi Forum.

It seems from the logs that there is some network issues but we would need more details to better troubleshoot this.
I would suggest you to collect a show tech-support output while the issue occurs with following command:

show tech-support output-file techsupport.txt

When the file is generated you can download it in the File Management section.

Please send this file as well all issues details (coverage situation in the area, if the SIM has been tested on other devices, setup info, etc) in an email to tech.support@digi.com

For any further help, please review our support options on our website: https://www.digi.com/support


Digi Technical Support Team