X4 python code to store data to database

Does anyone know of a way to update an MS SQL database table with values from Digi’s drop in networking modules. I was wondering if python had a library that allows you to connect to a MS SQL server.

Did you find a solution. I’m looking into this too

No I have not come up with an answer yet

A partial answer - most of the customers I’ve dealt with ‘importing’ to a large app/db do it indirectly. They upload via HTTP or FTP an XML or CSV file, then have a daemon detect the file arrival and process it.

This decouples the process some (good & bad).

  • Good because neither side is so dependent on scale, load, and offline conditions.
  • Bad because the X4 either never knows the import worked, or must delay until the future to detect it via an HTTP/FTP file fetch which is a response/result.

In fact for the Sunspec Alliance (monitoring solar/PV systems at tens of thousands of site) we are defining such a paradigm. The uploader attaches an optional ‘ak’ attribute (acknowledge token) on selected XML element records. The host then in the future returns the tokens in mass with T/F status. The uploader is responsible to hold the data & perhaps re-upload until the corrisponding token is returned.

Even i needed to do the same thing.
I tried downloading mysqldb however there is a problem when you run it on windows. Hence i am just trying to do what lynnl has mentioned above but there are problems there as well

you have an idea to solve this problem