XB3-24 and XBP24 hardware compatibility pin 27


I hope someone can have some information about the hardware compatibility, pin 27, of the XB3-24 in replace the XBP24.

We are testing the XB3-24 for replace a XBP24 in a production board.
We have read the XB3-24 Hardware reference manual that the pin 27 (reserver) should be connected to ground or do not connect.

In the XBP24 the pin 27 was the Vref and we have connected to VCC (3.3V).

Can be any electrical problems connecting pin 27 of the XB3-24 module to the VCC?

Thank you and Regards

As the manual indicates, pin 27 should be either connected to Ground or left disconnected on the XBee 3

Hi mvut,

thank’s for your reply!

I have read the manual with the notes quoted by you, but in our hardware the current XBee S2C have the pin 27 to VCC (indicated for the S2C).

I wanted to know if it was a problem to keep Pin 27 at VCC also for the XBee3 and avoid modify the circuit board.

Per the hardware reference manual, that line needs to be left disconnected or connected to GND.