Xbee 3.0 Digimesh IR Receiver.

Hi, in my application i need to connect xbee 3.0 with digimesh on board with IR Receiver VS1838B. When IR signal is receiver digimesh need to send a message to central. I do not know which IR library use or is there no possibility to make IR Receiver? I am programming in PyCharm in MicroPython

This looks like it is an Digital IO type sensor. So I would suggest using the Digital IO status functions and not Micro Python.

Yes and No. Yes it is digital but it has to be decoded from 0 and 1 to actual data and it need to be quick (1000 us) pulse time and I need an interrupt for it cause I will loose data. After the signal is receiver the message is send to coordinator than going back with the answer and put some digital pins high turn on some neopixels or turn a servo that what I need. That’s why I need it programmed in micropython

The XBee3 most likely can’t read the input that fast. If you are simply passing the raw input state change, the Xbee can only work at 1kHz https://forums.digi.com/78407/xpee3s-gpio-max-rate

If you are looking to read it in MicroPython I think you will get a “better” rate but I haven’t found any documentation that will suggest the frequency the pin can be read at. Even then, you can’t thread in MicroPython on the XBee so interrupts would be only possible in a callback.


Whilst the underneath EFR32MG can read the input fast enough I highly doubt Digi’s XBee layer will present it to MicroPython quick enough.

Your best bet would be to externalise an MCU and send the data via SPI or UART.

Nicholas Wilson
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