XBee 3 bluetooth and android APP

I have been trying to get XBee3 nodes to communicate with the Digi XBee Mobile app for android. I have enabled bluetooth on the module and set a password. According to guides that should be all there is to make it able to be communicated with the app. I have tried with 2 separate phones to connect to the module. If I put in the correct password all I get is a “Timeout while opening connection”. I am using the latest 1012 firmware

Try updating the radio firmware library in your Mobile app.

Thank you for your response.
Update did actually include the firmware I am currently having in my modules. But the connection still fails. “Could not connect to the XBee device > Error opening the connection interface > Timeout while opening connection”

Check the version of the Mobile app you are running. I am running version 1.3.5 Build 29 and it is working fine with modules running the 0x12 version of firmware.