XBEE 3 Micro seems to be unresponsive

I have a XBee Micro (XB3-24Z8CM REV C), which is being used on a custom PCB.
Commands are sent via the serial interface to enter command mode (‘+++’). Using an oscilloscope, I checked the signals on the pins. I have the following results:

1[GND] : 0V
2[VCC] : +3v3
3[DOUT]: 0V
4[DIN]: my serial signal (‘+++’)
5[DIO12]: +3v3
6[|RESET]: +3v3
7->19: 0V
20[reserved]: +3v3
21->34: 0V

I’m especially confused because I have 0V on the ON-pin.

I have no response for the ‘+++’-commands, neither does recovering using XCTU and manually shorting PIN6 to GND work. Flow-Control-Pins have been manually set for recovery.

Hopefully someone can help :slight_smile: