XBee 3 Pro range PCB or SMA?

I have plenty of experience with the 900MHz radios. I’m looking to move to the XBee 3 Pro platform. I’m accustomed to larger antennas providing more gain and thus more range. Is there a significant range difference between the PCB or an SMA antenna for the XBee Pro 3? This would be through foliage. Sometimes urban. Rarely LOS.

I am presuming that you are referring to either a PCB remote mounted antenna or the RPSMA directly on the module. The RPSMA allows for direct connection of a remote antenna that can have an increase in gain added. However, unlike the 900MHz band, the 2.4 GHz band has limitations on antenna gain vs required cable loss. In most cases, all you gain is the directional of the antenna and not so much of the gain.

I had a feeling there were fundamental differences between frequencies and at some point, the antenna starts to matter less. I’m comparing these two products and if the only measurable difference is antenna choice to gain a directional antenna, then I’m all good!

Yes that is the only difference between them.