I need help to know the range of XBee-PRO 900HP

Hello. Recently I purchased three units of the XBee-PRO 900HP RPSMA (XBP9B-DMST-012 Brazil) and I am waiting for the antennas (6 dbi) to perform some tests.
Now, I am interested in purchasing the developer kit that comes with three wire antenna units.
In an urban area not very dense (many houses, with some buildings up to 12 m high), could someone estimate the average range I can get using the 6 dbi antenna version and the wire antenna?

I am afraid to buy the kit and after don’t be able to use the modules with wire antennas due the short range. My plan is to create a mesh network with approximately 20 units, one of which will be connected to my computer to get data from all the others. The unit connected to my computer will be about 5 m high.
Thanks for any help.

Best regards.

Well, I bought the kit. I’m impressed with the range of wire antennas (~300m in my neighborhood with only houses).

So I put 6 dbi monopole antennas in RFSMA version and the best range I got was 700 m. There isn’t LOS condition in both cases.

My hardware has the 200k version. I’ll install 10k firmware and put the XBee to work in repeater mode. According the datasheet, the range should be improved with 10k version.

I’ll put the results here ASAP.