Xbee 3 (XB3-C-GM1-UT-001) Basic Questions

I am currently trying to get the XB3-C-GM1-UT-001 working and have some basic questions.
I am trying to send a GET request to the httpbin.org server (as described on p.33 of User Guide) using basic UART communication (I am not using XCTU software to accomplish this).

  1. Do I need to exit command mode before sending and receiving the GET request or stay in command mode, or does it matter?
  2. For testing, I am trying to send the GET request in a loop every 5 seconds. Do I need to run the DL, DE and AC commands every time before attempting to send GET?
  3. Is the Xbee 3 configured by default to not use hardware handshaking?
  4. What AT command do I use to implement hardware handshaking?

Yes, you would need to exit command mode before you can send your GET request.

No you do not. Once you have the addresses correct, you only need to keep sending the request as often as you desire.

No, the Xbee module is configured so that you can use hardware flow control between the processor and the XBee module. At least CTS is enabled (D7). If you want to enable RTS flow control, that is enabled via the D6 command.