XBEE 3 Zigbee routers loose lower 6 bytes of their Extended PAN ID

Hi, I’m doing test with one Coordinator(connected to PC) and multiple 4 Routers(+Aruino Uno) (All XBee 3, Zigbee).

Then, I’m aware that sometimes coordinater looses some of its routers, so I checked routers and I found Extended PAN ID of the routers changed

(like original ID = ‘2’,‘0’,‘2’,‘0’,‘I’,D’,‘A’,‘B’ -> left just upper 2 bytes ‘2’,‘0’)

I don’t know why router’s ID which I set in XCTU is changed.

So, if someone know the reaso, please let me know. Thank you.

Sounds like either someone is issuing a local network reset on the Coordinator,or power cycling the Coordinator.