Xbee 868 Mhz Nodes stops communicating

I’ve a small network of nodes 868 MHz where all the nodes are set as coordinators . All the packets are set to do broadcast , and the nodes are set with the destination address of the base station node. The base station xbee is set with high of ffff but also is set in coordinator mode.

Api mode is 1. Rest is all default parameters. The nodes send packet every 2 mins via broadcast

The issue is round about in 2 hrs, no packets arrive at the base station, and everything just stops.

Any idea how to go about it ?


Sounds like you may be exceeding the 10% transmit duty cycle. Remember that it is not just how often you send the data into the UART but also the number of RR and MT times the packets are re transmitted that counts.

Can you explain 10% duty cycle , and how do I go about doing the change for it ? Today I found out that if I reset the node, packets start arriving again

That is because you are hitting that duty cycle and it will not allow another packet to be sent till enough time has past.

Try setting RR and MT to 0. This way only one transmission occurs for each packet sent. Then make sure that you do not try sending data for any 10% period of time the module is powered up.