865/868 MHz (API)Communication Test

i working with XBEE S8 868MHz and configured module as coordinator in API mode with Encryption,and under this coordinator i configured 100-150 nodes(API), now all nodes are in network.my questions are

  1. To form a network with 100-150 nodes it’s take much time approx 15-20 mins initially.
  2. i am not getting response from all nodes when i given request in broadcast mode.
  3. Getting response like 60/100,80/100(broad cast mode).
  4. Uni cast it is working 100%.there is a no issue in uni cast.

pls solve my issues… :slight_smile:

Increase your MT value. Also decrease the amount of messages you are sending.

Where i can change the MT value in coordinator or in Router side.

You increase MT on the Coordinator or Multi-point base side.