865/868 LPRF

  1. For Example there are three routers Router1 (PAN: 1234), Router2 (PAN: 1212), and Router3
    (PAN: 1111) these three routers in API mode.is there any possibilities to discover these three
    routers in a single Coordinator. If it is there pls suggest the mode of test.

  2. Total 100 nodes under a coordinator, to discover these 100 nodes it takes approx. 1hr 30mins time initially is there any option to reduce network joining time and routing formation time as well.

  3. We tested sleep mode and we observed that there is a sleep option in modules by default and after 1hr coordinator/router get in to the sleep mode and to wake up it takes 8 Sec of time. We can get sleep alerts from routers as well.is there any chance to decrease the wakeup time delay.

  4. Is there any pro module in 865/868MHZ?

  5. When the pin status changes in I/O parameter we can get any AT alert to coordinator?

  6. How to Read the Pin Status of ADC parameter and is there any changes in options?

  7. How to get 100% response in broadcast communication?

No, you can’t have a Coordinator on one PAN discover nodes from a different PAN.

No, there really is no way to reduce that time. Not with a network of that size.

While the 868 LP has a sleep option, it is not enabled by default. You must enable it for that function to exist.

No, Digi no longer offers an 868 PRO module.

Yes you can tell your remote module to send a status change if Change Detect is enabled. Your Coordinator would also need to be in API mode for that to work.