XBee 868LP and BL4S100

I have a BL4S100 card and XBee 868LP module.
When I put the XBee on the BL4S100 (I have brazed pins to plug it) and run the sample app, all I got is a -110 error, timed out.

How can I do to use the XBee with the BL4S100 ?

I have not tested the BL4S100 with the XBee 868LP but I did test it with the 900 HP.

I didn’t run all the samples but I was able to run AT_Interactive.c, basic_XBee_Init.c, and SXA-command.c.

I had to change the default parameters of the device with XCTU, changing AP to 1 which enables API mode with no escapes and also changing BD to 7 which changes the baud rate to 115200. Without changing to these the 900HP doesn’t give a reply in time before a timeout error occurs.