XBee 868 not responding after updating firmware


I have bought a XBee 868 MHz XBP08-DPSIT-024 rev. G. and I just plugged in my USB Explorer, open X-CTU, select the baud rate and the read configuration. Everything worked fine so far. Later on, I tried just marked the option “Always update firmware” and then clicked write. This operation was correct, but after that it has been impossible to communicate with it. On my USB Explorer I have three lights, read, write and rssi, and the led rssi is blinking really fast.

Could you give me a hint on how to recover it?

Many thanks!

You can’t on the board you are working with. the reason for that is because the board you are using does not have the required DTR and RTS lines connected between the XBee and the PC. You will need to obtain a board such as the XBIB-U-DEV for that.

Please note that these lines are required and stated as such in the manuals for the XBee modules. But must 3rd party board do not connect them.