xbee 900hp not consuming and transmitting serial data from USB

I have 2 xbee pro 900hp 200k RF modems setup to act in transparent mode so I can stream data from a GPS from my local xbee to a remote xbee connected to my laptop to log the GPS data. The serial settings are the same for all devices (9600, 8 data, 1 stop, no parity). Both xbees work communicate fine when I connect both to a terminal, but not when I connect the GPS directly to the USB input on the xbee modem. The GPS works fine when I connect to my laptop. My modem model is the XM-M92-UP-UA. Any suggestions on how to have the modem receive data from the GPS when both interfaces are USB?

I do not expect this to work. For basic USB products you have devices and hosts.

Your laptop is a USB host. The GPS is a USB device. The XBee adaptor is a USB device as well.

You cannot connect a USB device to a USB device, only to a USB host.

You would be best to get a RS232 GPS adaptor and use the XM-M92-2P-UA.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT