XBEE 900HP USB Modem Driver Issues

I am unable to get my new XBEE 900HP USB Modems to properly connect to a new Windows 7 PC. It installs the USB Serial Converter driver, but then I get a notification from Windows that the “Hardware ID Missing - Windows cannot identify the device plugged into the USB Serial Converter”

I have 5 new device, all with this same problem. However, I am still able to use my development board to connect and COM port is created just fine.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?

What is different from the modem boards and the development boards that could cause this?

The new devices I have purchased are: XM-M92-UP-UA

As far as the USB chip and its programming, they are the exact same. In fact I have been using the same USB drivers for both for more than a year without any issues.

Not sure which driver you are using but I used the one from FTDICHIP.com.

Got it working now. Had to go directly to FTDI’s website and download their drivers. http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm. Still odd that the two behaved differently, but it is working now none the less.

Can we get an answer from digi on this one? I’d like to find out why the drivers that the manufacturer provides for their device are not working. Maybe an article about how to fix this problem.