xbee and ebyte E180-ZGXXX Compatibility

I am trying to communicate Digi Xbee3 devices with the Ebyte (Cdebyte now) E180-ZG120B.
I can’t connect through Zigbee 3.0, even having the same PAN ID and indicating the operating channel.
I have tried coordinator mode on both devices. At least between them (the same devices) they work.
Are they really compatible with each other?
Maybe I have to enable backwards compatibility mode in XCTU software?
Any recommendation?
Thank you

I would suggest setting the ZS to a value of 2 and use API mode with Explicit ZDO pass thru enabled.

I tried enabling ZS to a value of 2 but it did not with the ebyte devices

The XBee would want to be the Coordinator and the ZS set to Zigbee PRO. You would also want to be in API mode with explicit frames enabled as you may have to issue some ZDO commands to allow the 3rd party device to associate and remain connected.