Xbee and Ricoh Theta control

Has anyone used a Ricoh Theta with an Xbee Wifi(S6B)?
I am trying to connect an Xbee Wifi to a Ricoh Theta and use PTP/IP for controlling the Theta’s Image capture timing.

There seems to be something about how the Theta and Xbee are not “talking” to each other that eludes me. I have used WireShark to observe the pack information sent from a MacBook using Python. Yet when I send the same data over the Xbee I am not able to get any data packets back in XCTU. The Xbee will link to the Theta(Theta acts as AP), but then when I send data in transparent mode, I am not getting any answer back. I have been over the User Guide for Xbee. and Looked around Google for as much as I can find. If anyone has a link or recommend document that would be helpful!
I am using an AVR in my final product, but for now, I am using XCTU to configure and test the RF link side.
If the API mode would be a better option, I can look into doing it that way.

Are you sure the network protocol is PTP and not TCP?