xBee API Response to ND command contains extra undefined characters


I am using the xBee series 2 devices in API mode.

When I send out the ND command to the local device , I correctly receive information from all devices on the network.

However in the response I also receive two extra bytes before the external device high and low serial numbers. There is nothing in the ND AT command response documentation which indicates what these bytes are.


Provide the full response of the ATND command.

OK here is an example response

7E 00 24 88 01 <- This is Api header including length etc

4E 44 0 <- This is original request “ND”

53 <- Unknown byte 1 **** What Are these ???
5B <- Unknown byte 2 **** What Are these ???

00 7D 33 A2 00 High Serial number (escaped)
40 3E 0E 8A Low Serial Number

45 4E 44 5F 44 45 56 49 43 45 5F 34 0 (NI = END_DEVICE_4

FF <- AT response and APi remainder

Did you check in the product manual for information these extra bytes?
If you use the latest firmware does the problem still persists?

I did check in the product information and it does not describe these two bytes.

I don’t know if it’s too late or not, but …

the first two bytes you are getting back - right before the MAC address of the discovered device - is the network-assigned 16 bit address for the device. If you look at the xbee command reference table, this corresponds to what you’d get with an “MY” command.