Xbee AT / API mode & XCTU

I have a digi/maxstream kit with 2 boards: 1 enddev. & 1 coord.
I use XCTU to test / configure the system.

With both boards in AT mode I can send serial data from end.dev. to the coord. using the terminal in XCTU.
Can I also do this in API mode ?
(I cannot see data in xctu terminal)
Do I need to configure something special besides PANID 0 in enddev.?
(I use latest firmware)

Thanks !


I’m also interested in this solution and I’ve another question. I’d like to know how can I make this AT configuration and use the X-CTU terminal to send data?


I already solved this issue. The newsgroup was to slow with replies so I had to figure out myself.
solution: end-dev = AT dev. which sends data to coord (panid 0)
coord = API dev. (one can mix device types in a network)
coord receives data from end-dev packed in API frames, which can be handled in C code. Easy. (type 0x91 frame i think)
So; with XCTU I still cannot reproduce this, as there is no data received from enddev. in coord terminal window. but in code on my rabbit it work perfect.

Hope that helps out…