Xbee communicating with a temperature chamber

In the interest of not boring everyone I will try to be concise and to the point but I am happy to provide any additional details requested.

I have a Tenney Temperature chamber that is controlled by a Versa Tenn V which, can in turn be controlled serially by a computer running the necessary LabVIEW drivers. Said drivers send string commands to the chamber and can receive back readings.

My assignment is to control the chamber wirelessly by having two Xbee’s send and receive the information. I connected an Xbee to the serial port of the computer I am using for control and another to the RS-252 slot of the Tenney chamber via a RS-252 to serial converter but was unsuccessful.

I am hoping to get some advice on how to make this work. Should I be using the X-CTU to send the commands? There might be a format issue in terms of how they are sent an read. Would trying to incorporate the XBee as such and not just a serial port in the LabVIEW vi be better?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have to get this assignment done and it is my first time working with Xbee’s so I am a little out of my element.

Thank you,


I don’t know regarding LabView and xbee operation. But one thing I would like to to say that, if you can set the parameters in the AT mode on the xbee modules correctly then it can simply be used as serial over RF with the maximum sent bytes of 256 at once.