xbee configuration for star network

I have 4 xbee s2c and I want to implent a star network in which 1 will be coordinator and other 3 will be routers connected with sensors like temperature, pir, gas along with arduino.
once coding has done using Arduinos all will start transmitting their respected values to coordinator. Now my question is that ‘is dat enough to code the Arduino in receiver side to receive all data as u said csma-ca is already enabled…?’
please help me in this issue.

please give configuration details for the above mentioned network.
regarding CH,DH,DL,AR, etc which are needed to this project.
I want to do in API mode.

Just set each radio in API mode (AP1) and your Coordinator in is enabled (CE1). Also make sure you use the proper examples or sample code for the Arduino. That is all you need to do.