Xbee ConnectPort Gateway

i have a connectport x2 gateway (x2-z11-EC-A), which has a series 2 xbee. I also have many Xbee pro S1 devices running digimesh firmware. I want to know if it is possible to change the xbee S2radio from the gateway and change it for a Xbee pro S1 and change the firmware in order to work like a ConnectPort running Digimesh and comunicate with my other S1 devices. thanks in advance.


You can always swap the XBee modules.

Hello rogertrullo,

I am not sure that it will work, S1 and S2 have not the same API frames, so if you don’t have a way to tell the X2 that it’s not an S2 it probably will send S2-like frames to an S1 which will not understand. However, maybe some functionality do will work (like reading local AT commands…). In any case, they are pin-to-pin and voltage compatible, so you always can test it. =) Regards,