xbee coordinators

I have a large mesh of s2c Xbee’s running zigbee ( currently most on 4061 software or the one preceding it )

I am having challenges with the mesh ‘breaking up’ and forming clusters of random meshes. Somehow I get a router transform into a co-ordinator and I see bunches of routerss jump across to the new meshes, leaving the ‘real’ mesh.

We have tried varying approaches, the XBEE’s have a profile applied at build time and the embedded device they are connected to never does any AT configuration so I am convinced that the devices are not being asked to become co-ords.

We do send out some remote AT messages from the central PC tied to all this but it is limited to ‘NI’ messages so I fail to see how that can become a co-ordinator enable message.

Getting things back onto one mesh is a right pain too especially as the XBee’s have a resistance to co-ordinator swaps. It has to be done in a very distinct order or you end up with orphaned devices that you can’t get back in touch with without unplugging them and using a laptop and programming adaptor ( USB - XBEE )

What can I look for? How the hell are routers becoming co-ordinators.

The ONLY way a router or any other node can become a coordinator is by setting the CE command either from the UART or from a remote AT command. There is no other way.

Try setting the NW to a non 0 value. That will allow routers to perform a network reset on their own looking for the coordinator if they do not receive a message from the Coordinator after 3x NW value.