Xbee Data Loss

Am I wrong to think that XBee transmitted data shouldn’t have any loss? Is there an expected amount of loss with the XBee system?

I’m transmitting two ADC channels. The XBee system is setup to collect data from the ADC channels at 50Hz (IR=14 (Hex for 20ms sampling), TX=1). I lose a very consistent amount of data when recording both in Matlab and Labview. For example 10s of recording results in 490 data points (instead of 500) and 20s of recording results in 980 data points (instead of 1,000) for each ADC channel. The buffer is never overloaded.

If I switch to 10 Hz sampling I lose less data. 10s pretty consistently results in 100 data points for one channel, 20s in ~199, 40s in ~397, and 60s in ~595.

I also asked about this problem on the SparkFun forum so please see this link if you want more information about the problem. (https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=37206).

Thank you