Xbee Digi S6B remains in "WiFi Initialization is progress"



I am trying to do association of Xbee Digi S6BSM model with my Access point.

Successful in configuring the module using AT commands.
To confirm the association, execution ATAI command and always give value 1 (WiFi Initialization is progress).

Have 13 modules with the above status (ATAI=1).

Status remains the same even after many hours.

I have other Digi modules succesfully associated with status ‘ATAI = 0’.

Appreciate your help on this at the earliest.

Mundhazir Latheef

Reset its network using ATNR command and see if it works.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

This option was tried already and doesn’t work.
ATAI still remains 1.

Number of Modules with status ATAI = 1 is increasing everyday. Appreciate if someone can advice on this.

May be the Access Point cannot handle high number of devices connected at same point of time.

Try to connect same S6B to a different AP in order to figure out if issue is with S6B or AP.