XBEE WiFi S6B AT Connect to SSID

Based on this tutorial - I can programmatically ( C++ ) setup one XBee S6B WiFi module in soft Access Point mode:

This question sheds light how to do a scan:

Basically, issue an ATAS command to find nearby SSIDs. So I can find my XBee in Access Point mode.

I can see in this command table how to check the status of a network join attempt:

Basically you issue an ATAI command to see the status.

But how do I “initiate” a connection. I can see that ATID sets the SSID for the client ( non-access point ) module. But how do I tell it to “Connect” now. The Access Point will be passwordless.

Thank you.

Once you have one XBee wifi module in Soft-Ap mode, hook up the other module and do an ‘active scan’ in X-CTU while having the console connected. You will then see all necessary commands being issued by the tool to connect to the AP.

I think as soon as you set the ID the client will try to associate with it.