XBEE Frame Type 10 & 90

Hiya folks!

Quick question on Xbee S2B product using API protocol.

1 router and 1 coordinator
API configuration, including escape mode is properly configured
We see successful data communications, they are talking…

The communication is from (Router) using API Frame Type (0x10 - ZigBee Transmit Request) and the (Coordinator) showed the Frame Type (0x90 - ZigBee Receive Packet) with data. All cool!

We reviewed the XBee manual
Manual and the question here is we noticed Transmit request allows you to specify a Frame ID but that Frame ID is not available from (0x90).

So what is the best way to track these ZigBee Transmit Requests?

Cheers, Team BTF.

The best way is to add some sort of counter in the your data payload.