xbee java wrong 16bitaddress of zigbee end device


Working with zigbee end devices(ZED). Sending responses using xBee Java API. We sometimes get an TimeOutException when sending a match response to a IAS zone end device. Looking at the IO port we see this message 7e 00 07 8b 08 ff fd 00 24 02 4a - Transmit status fail 24 (Address not found). Address used from RemoteXBeeDevice remoteDevice = explicitXBeeMessage.getDevice(); remoteDevice.get16BitAddress(). This returns a different 16 bit address than the ZED device shows in xtcu. I see announce messages from the device, match request all have same 16bitAddress - but address is incorrect. I have this issue with sensors from 2 different manufacturers. The exception does not happen on every new join. Devices have been successfully joined and enrolled.

any idea why we get incorrect 16bitaddress?

what XBee module and firmware version are you working with?

XCTU is not designed to talk to 3rd party devices. Yo can use it to see the API frames, assemble the API frames and send them but you are not going to be able to use the configuration section of the program to read it, or change settings on it.