XBee S2C - Explicit Transmit using 64-bit address only


I’m attempting to send a uni-cast message from a coordinator to an end-node in API mode using an explicit addressing command frame.

If I set the correct 64-bit address and leave the 16-bit address as ‘0xFFFE’, which I’m led to believe from the manual should work, I keep getting the response ‘7E00078B0FFFFD00240144’. The delivery status 0x24 signifies that the address was not found.

What could be causing the issue?

sound like the device is not on the same network.

If you do a scan (using the AT command ND, or the api framed equivalent) do you see the device you are trying to talk to?

Are you using the newer Transmit Request - 0x10 or older 64-bit Transmit Request - 0x00 ?

I use S1 XBees so I am stuck with using the older command set