XBee LP 868 // sleep Modem Status = 0xFF


I try Synchronized Cyclic Sleep with my XB8-DM (XBee 865/868LP 80K, firmware 8072).

SM = 8
S0 = 6

And when the Xbee wakup or go to sleep I receive :
7E 00 02 8A FF 76
A “Modem Status” frame with Status = FF (Unknown status) when I wait for Status = 0x0B or 0x0C.

Did I miss something?

How many modules do you have? What are the sleep settings on the other modules?

I have 3 Xbees:
1 - sleep coordinator (A)
2 - sleep non-coordinator (B)

(A) :
SM = 8
SO = 5
AP = 1

(B) :
SM = 8
SO = 6
AP = 1
OS = SP of the coordinator.
OW = ST of the coordinator.
All XBee send me a “Modem Status” frame with Status = FF (Unknown status).

Try setting your Coordinator to SM 7 instead of 8.

With this conf
xbee <– usb –> pc
with :
SM 7
SO 5
SS value switch between 600E and 600F

And that doesn’t solve the “Modem Status” Status value still 0xFF :confused:

Sounds like the modules are not synchronized. Do you have antennas on all of the radios in question? What is their AI value for each node? If you disable sleep, are you able to communicate?

Thanks for the quick reply.
There is only a problem with the “modem status” value.
Everything else works fine sleep/communication, so I don’t think the module isn’t synchronized.

Do you mean that you can send and receive data over the network without any issues? It is only that the SS command is not reporting correct values?

My problem is not related to the SS command.

When bit 2 of SO (Enable API sleep status messages), the modem status message is received (frame type : 0x8A) as expected when the xbee sleep mode changes. This message contains an information relative to the current status of the XBee, it can indicate that the XBee will go to sleep (0x0C) or that the XBee just woke up (0x0B). But in my case, this information is always set to 0xFF.

Note that this message is also emitted when the XBee is reset, and in that case it is working correctly (value is set to 0x00).

What firmware version are you working with?

I’m working with the 8072 firmware.

The SS or Sleep Status should be as fallows:
Bit field of sleep status bits. See product manual for full description. Bit 0 - Network awake, Bit 1 - Sleep coordinator, Bit 2 - Ever received sync, Bit 3 - Sync received this cycle, Bit 4 - Overriding sync pending, Bit 5 - Nomination requested, Bit 6 - Is in deployment mode. (All other bits are reserved and should be ignored).

Thank you for your reply.
I have double checked the value of SS and it is correct.

However, the problem with the modem status messages is still present (0x8A, page 118 of “digi xbee 865/868 LP RF Modules User Guide Part number 90002126H). “status fields” (offset 4) should be 0x0b or 0x0c but I received 0xff.”

Then what I would suggest is that you contact Digi Technical Services to report the issue.