Xbee LT sensor power consumption question


I have an Xbee LT sensor I query from the gateway every 60sec. According to the datasheet, the sensor’s batteries are supposed to last 2.5 years when system is queried once every 60s. I get the lifetime of 2.5 days which is, needless to say, rather unsatisfactory.

The node is configured to transmit at the lowest power.

The query is simple:

lt = xbeelt.XBeeLTN(dest_probe)
sample = lt.sample()

Should I be putting the node to sleep in some fashion?

Any advice?



Yes, you would definitely want to enable some sort of sleep cycle on the XBee within your LT sensor, and this is definitely responsible for the short battery life. Since you’re polling once every 60 seconds, you’d likely want to setup a similar sleep cycle, so it wakes up once every 60 seconds for maybe a half second, but with trial and error you may be able to shorten that half second even more. The relevant sleep parameters would be SO, SM, SP, SN, ST, and you can learn more about their meanings in the OEM manual for the ZNet 2.5 modules.