XBee LTE-m having spotty connection to aws account

Hi there, we are using our XBEE devices in an IOT settings. Our micropython code seems to work perfectly fine as some times it connects to our aws account and sometimes it doesn’t. Does anyone have an explanation to the spotty-ness. We get a range of errors from time out, ENXIO, and ENOENT.

Also side note One of our devices won’t connect to our aws account at all and it is using the same profile configurations as the one which is able to connect (sometimes connect)

Hopefully someone has some pointers.

maybe a socket time out?


That is exactly what it is. A socket time out.



It can also be an issue with the provider assigning a DNS address to your device.

Hi there,

Thank you for your immediate feedback. So looking further into the issue. One our accounts is completely consistent. However, our test application aws account (given to us) by a customer wont connect and is completely unreliable.

How do we go about fixing the socket and/or DNS problem in our micropython code? Any tips or pointers. We are pretty new to this technology

I would suggest checking to make sure that your certs you are using are the ones that this account has tied to each of the devices and that the radios are accounted for on that account.

I would also suggest querying the AI before you send a request.