XBee Module continuosly reboots

Hello, I have an XB24-Z7WIT-004 revE. It seems to contimuosly reboot after 2-3 minutes. The module seems to send & recieve data as I am able to collect data from it.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?



are you sure, xbee module is rebooting every 2-3 minutes?

Are you sending any AT commands, either local or remote, to this xbee module?

I actually have 2 devices (XBee modules) connected to a coordinator that are continuosly rebooting in a constant pattern. After trending each of them, I see that one is shutting off for :25, then turning back on and runs for 1:00 (continuosly). The second is doing the same thing but in different intervals as it runs for 1:35 then shuts off for :25 (continuosly).

Module A: is being used to report Temp & Humidity. Module B: is used to send commands to the building HVAC System.

Are those both xbees are in sleep mode? May be cyclic sleep?

Are you observing association LED?

What AI value you get when you see the rebooting xbees? If the AI is 0 then xbee is not rebooting. And if Cyclic sleep is Enabled then xbee is getting into the sleep mode